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Thanks so much to all who attended our 3rd annual Youth Climate Action Summit! It was the biggest and best one yet!

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Reflecting on the 2017 Youth Climate Action Summit

My name is Pechmunnie Keo and I go to Evergreen High School, but I’m currently a Running Start student at South Seattle College. I’m also a part of Discovery Corps at the Pacific Science Center and am on the SYCAN Youth Leadership Committee (YLC).

The Icebreaker Team: Pechmunnie, Cassie, and Hermela

As part of the YLC, I work with teens all around Seattle to plan a smooth-running Youth Climate Action Summit at Woodland Park Zoo. Everyone on the committee was all open-minded and easy to talk to. In addition to working as a big group, the YLC was also split into smaller groups; I was on the team that planned the icebreakers with two others, Hermela and Cassie. In the small group, we all contributed and communicated extremely well with each other and made sure everyone’s ideas were heard. The big group of YLC members met at least two times each month in order to talk about our next steps to spread awareness on climate change. Once it got closer to the Summit, we met up at least once a week to make sure each group was prepared.

The SYCAN Youth Leadership Committee with the group art project

At the Summit, many students from all around Seattle gathered at Woodland Park Zoo on Saturday the 28th of October to talk about climate change. The Summit started off with a rock paper scissor line tournament, which went well. After the tournament, we soon moved onto what we’ll be doing for the day. This introduction was presented by Aji and Maddie. After the introduction, we had sessions that included talking about the Duwamish River, how to write a grant, and more. Each course was well put together with hands-on activities that engaged the audience. We also had a keynote speaker named Rayan Krishnan, a junior at Tesla STEM High School who is connected with Schools Under 2C. He explained what Schools Under 2C does and that he would stay after school to sort through trash, often finding uneaten items. Not only did we have Rayan as one of our guest speakers, but Governor Inslee as well. He spoke to us about addressing climate change and steps we can take to achieve our goals. We also had a group art activity in which we drew or wrote what gives us hope on pieces of a picture of the world, and an Action Fair in which community organizations talked to us about how we can get involved in climate action.

Governor Inslee with the SYCAN Youth Climate Action Summit participants

The Summit went even more smoothly than the whole YLC thought it would, which we’re extremely grateful for.

Want more info on what we did and who we met? Check out the agenda, workshop sessions and presenter bios here! 

Reflecting on the SYCAN Summer Experience

Earlier this month, we wrapped up a fantastic first year of the SYCAN Summer Experience! During this program, local teens learned about climate change impacts on the environment, the economy and people, met climate professionals around Seattle and presented climate communication projects at the zoo.

It was so fulfilling to see the engagement and growth our participants showed over the four weeks. The teens realize the urgency of climate action and grew so much in their ability to articulate causes and effects of and solutions to climate change. Today’s youth will play an essential role in fighting climate change, and I am confident our participants will be capable leaders in this fight. I can’t wait to hear how they spur action at their schools and in their communities!

Cheers to all involved in this year’s program! Check out Woodland Park Zoo’s new blog post with more reflections from our participants and staff!

By Chika Acholonu

Chika began working at Woodland Park Zoo in June 2017 and led the development of the schedule of readings, journal prompts, icebreakers and team activities for the SYCAN Summer Experience. Along with three Seattle Youth Employment Program interns and two other SYCAN staff, Chika also mentored the Summer Experience participants on their culminating projects. He is now working with the SYCAN Youth Leadership Committee to plan this year’s Summit.

Check out the SYCAN Summer Experience!

Want to take climate action this summer? Please join us for the SYCAN Summer Experience!

  • Who should apply: Teens in high school interested in the greater Seattle / King County area
  • When: July 17th through August 10th (Monday through Thursday) from 10 am to 4 pm each day
  • Where: Woodland Park Zoo and locations around the city
  • What will we do:
    • Learn about climate change and how it affects people, wildlife and the environment
    • Meet climate professionals and advocates
    • Work on a climate communication project for the zoo
  • Why you should sign up:
    • $400 stipend
    • Lunch provided every day
    • An Orca card for getting around the city
    • The opportunity to present about your climate communication project at the Youth Climate Action Summit in October
  • Apply here: Tinyurl.com/SummerCATapp2017
  • Spread the word: Share this flyer with interested friends and your school’s Green Team!

Sign up today for the Climate Action Workshop on Saturday, May 6th!

Please join Seattle Youth Climate Action Network on Saturday, May 6th for a Climate Action Workshop at Woodland Park Zoo:

  • Who should sign up: Teams (youth 14-18) from a program, club, or school, or individuals interested in joining an action team
  • When and where: Saturday, May 6th from 12:00 – 4:30 pm at Woodland Park Zoo (pizza lunch will be served!)
  • What will we do:
    • Explore climate change impacts and local issues
    • Learn about opportunities for action and local resources
    • Plan a climate action project for your team
    • Teams will be invited to present about their action project at the Youth Climate Action Summit in October
    • The leader of each team will be invited to join Seattle Youth CAN’s Youth Leadership Committee to serve as a point person for their team in the planning of the Summit
  • Register here: Tinyurl.com/CANworkshop2017
  • Spread the word: Share this flyer with interested friends and your school’s Green Team!

Lead Your School in Taking Climate Action!

Last year, our world finally came together to sign the Paris Climate Accord, an international agreement to prevent average global temperatures from rising above 2°C in comparison to pre-industrial levels. Unfortunately, our new administration has threatened to withdraw from this treaty – missing one of our last chances to mitigate the effects of global warming before it is too late.

In response, students at my school and I have taken action. We launched an organization, Schools Under 2C. Regardless of whether or not our country decides to follow through with the Paris Accord, we have lead our school to reduce greenhouse gas emission levels to those stated by the treaty. Through simple educational programs, we have been igniting behavioral changes, and reduced our carbon footprint by over 1.5 tons each month.

We have implemented composting and lighting reduction programs, and partnered with our city to develop a mobile application offering incentives to encourage students to take more “green” transportation options.

The mission of our organization is not only to ignite a compliance campaign, but an educational movement. We have set a precedent for the rest of our community, and we are challenging other schools around the nation to reduce their carbon footprint. This network of passionate students from around the nation proves that kids care about climate change. Climate change is not impossible to fight. We already have the technology to do so – we just need to take action.

Visit our website, www.schoolsunder2c.org, to learn more. Join our movement by signing a pledge under the “join us” tab to reduce your school/community’s carbon footprint. After signing a pledge, you will be sent a Launch Kit, complete with tools and guides on how to get started in your community.

Together, we can empower the next generation to take climate action – one degree at a time.


This post was written by Anne Lee a new Seattle Youth CAN Member. Thanks Anne! 

Anne Lee is a junior at Tesla STEM High School. In second grade, her teacher played a video explaining how polar bears drowned due to rising sea levels because they couldn’t swim from one chunk of ice to the next. As a little second grader who adored any kind of furry creature, she was heartbroken. She pledged from that day on to do whatever she can to fight climate change – whether that means starting environmental movements, or researching solutions to environmental issues. 

Also, here are some links to recent press releases about the project by the Huffington Post and KPNX:






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