Why “BUS IT?”

This week, you’ve been challenged by Seattle Youth CAN to post your busing adventures to #Bus4Me , but you may still be wondering why you should bus it this week. That’s why we at SYCAN has compiled the top 5 reasons to drop everything and get on a bus ASAP: (drumroll please…)

Why Bus It

1. You can sing The Wheels on the Bus song! Sometimes you just need to release your inner preschooler and although anytime is a good time to break out in song, being in a bus creates an ambiance that’ll give your performance that extra oomph.

2. Seattle Metro buses have either 46 or 57 seats; that means that when completely full, the smallest type of bus saves about 98% of the carbon emissions that would have been given off if all those people drove alone. That’s why busing massively shrinks your carbon footprint (and haven’t you always wished you could fit into those wicked light-up baby shoes?).

3. Being on a bus lets you be a Sneaky Spy. Isn’t awkward when you’re trying to take pictures of someone’s really cute pupper and their owner thinks you’re some creepy stalker? It’s okay to admit you have a dog-stalking problem, we do too, and acceptance is the first step to recovery. But why recover when you can just dog-stalk SNEAKILY? Lucky for you, buses have tinted windows! Plus, you don’t have to pull over to take out your phone.

4. Remember when your college counselor told you to do something for the community so you sprayed your brother with Febreze? Good effort, but we’re guessing that did more harm than good, right? Next time, try riding the bus instead! Busing ACTUALLY benefits the community and has a much smaller probability of ending with you grounded in a room that reeks of Fresh Twist Cranberry spray. The positive repercussions of busing are endless: it keep our cityscape smog-free, aides in weather-pattern regulation and protect the lifeways of local critters.

5. Last, but not least, busing lets you be a trend-setter! If the Pussycat Dolls’ “Famous” taught us anything, it’s that if you want people to talk about you, you have to set some trends. Based on what you’ve learned about busing, what could be better than a busing trend? Take artsy bus selfies, dig into the existential angst that a bus must feel on a daily and rope a few friends into busing downtown for Frappuccinos; congratulations- you’re well on your way to becoming a bus hipster!

So what are you doing still reading this? Go catch a bus! (And don’t forget to share your busing adventures to #Bus4Me to be entered to win some sick prizes)