You’ve Been Challenged!

Seattle Youth CAN’s second annual Transportation Challenge has officially kicked off and we challenge you to participate! The environmental health of our world is in our hands. That’s why teens from all over the Seattle area are banding together in teams to change the way they get around in order to combat climate change.

Car Emissions

To join the transportation challenge, you can create a new team, join an existing team, or be assigned to a random team by clicking here. Together, you and your team can track how many pounds of CO2 you’ve saved by using alternate forms of transport. Prizes will be awarded every two weeks to the team who has travelled the most miles using non-SOV (single-occupancy vehicle) transit. Plus, another prize will be awarded randomly each week to a teen who posted on social media to #SeattleYouthCAN or #TranspoChallenge ! The transportation challenge is underway. To sign up and get moving, click here!